09 November 2002

3 truckers and a beer

well, it's been a quiet week in changchun, my hometown. halloween passed with great pomp and a little circumstance. i dressed as a mermaid by borrowing nell's skirt and cutting up an old bedsheet to make scales which were subsequently safety-pinned to aforementioned skirt. that and makeup a la ty's makeup design class (thanks ty) actually allowed most people to guess what i was. the top costumes had to go to lavendar and sharon, who dressed up as a spider and a princess, respectively. lavendar had the best makeup job i have ever seen for halloween, and sharon actually won a costume contest at a nearby foreigner's bar by declaring herself to be a "princess with a bottle of beer" into a microphone when asked. she won 6 bottles of beer, and the rest of us were kind enough to drink her prize. our young students were off their head about speaking one sentence of english ("trrick or treat") and getting a few pieces of candy. it has certainly improved participation in classes, although i think they are beginning to wise up to the fact that candy for a sentence in english is not likely to come around for another year. ahh! the trials and tribulations of children wising up to bribery!

a few days ago was rife for some reason with requests for my drinking or my hand in marriage. i imagine for some women that this is a common practice, but it struck me as a bit odd. one restaurant i walked into had a waitress who was all hip to matchmake and three truckers who insisted i come and drink some beer with them. what a wacky evening!

oy! gotta get to class! talk to you all soon.

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