16 January 2007

AaA:aAA route and photos

sample items moved:
4 boxes of books, red ferrari accordian, banguitar, two scaled house models, two stage epees, wig, cookbooks, costume makeup case, and did i mention books?

there were over 20 riders braving mid-20 temperatures, and a whopping 9 (9!) of those riders
were first-time bikemovers. two move-by-bikers came to help with the move right after dragonboating practice (with icicles still on their lifejackets), and one cycle-freighter braved the cold after touching down from hawaii. there were also 4 logisticians who got the terminus-grub piping hot by the time the "brawny bike brigade" arrived. there was food aplenty, silkscreen action and a fire stoked by my fabulous new roommates! the whole affair was documented by two fellas who showed up on the red door doorstep asking if they could film the move for a documentary about bike love in portland. one of the cameramen, Jason, balled up in Steven's trailer with his camera and my accordian and shot the whole thing. pure rapture!

pix by mom: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24841458@N00/sets/72157594480990947/detail/
pix by Michael: http://www.flickr.com/photos/84139144@N00/sets/72157594480063167/detail/

unrelated to bike move, i heard on the MAX (after a gorgeous
early-morning bike ride unhindered by speedy cars) about a mountain bike near
interstate ave. that was helping a car move to the side of the road after it
stalled. fabulous!

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