15 April 2007

unbearable lightness of taxes

it's been a month stewed with activity! the play closesd with pretty good audiences throughout, thanks to all those die-hard theatregoers and friends and family members. you guys rocked! for some reason, everyone i knew seemed keen on sitting in the first few rows. this i chalk up to sheer adventurism.
in other news:
Umbrella has filed their articles of incorporation and are gearing up for filing with the feds. exciting stuff!
carfree conference plans are underway, made so particularly by Elly Blue and Sara Stout, heroes of mine.


AmberCake said...


Are you aware that The Unbearable Lightness of Being has a lot to do with sleeping around?

I'm just sayin', is all I'm sayin'.

Matt Picio said...
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Matt Picio said...

Go, Umbrella!

Umbrella: Because someone has to shelter us all against the rain of indifference in this impersonal, walled-off, car-exhaust-choking society.

When we take back the streets and restore them to the people, and community spirit reigns rather than indifference rains - then, only then, can we afford to fold up the umbrella and put it back into the closet.

Go! Fight! Win!

Oh, uh..... Um, where was I?

Umbrella is an organization that supports community street culture - bikes, skateboards, walkable neighborhoods, community involvement, wacky fun, naked bike rides, dances, and claiming things as public space that are traditionally viewed as private. Or something to that effect.

Did I get that mostly right?