16 September 2007

AlSo: A Lazy, Lazy Day

Had breakfast with the gang. Sourma and Regina left back for England at 9am; a sorry sight to say the least. They seriously could open a comedy club together. We spent most of the rest of the day doing . . . not much. There was plenty of Turkish coffee, some internet, some laundry for which I’m sure many people thank us, and some more Turkish coffee. we found Nat reading “The Life of Pi” in a really swell park near Sultanahmet. We talked about her fellow, Tom, and how strangely time passes when traveling. She seemed pretty tickled by my moving by bike and marriage to Sparky. I have to send her pics. Then we high-tailed it to Rck’s for a FABOO dinner of salad (bless you, Rick) and bean soup with Ethiopian spices with bulghar. The time passed all too quickly, and we realized that Nat would be waiting for us, possibly with twiddling fingers (actually she would be happy, but I hate to keep people waiting only slightly more than I hate hurried goodbyes). We rushed to the ferry and a tram and managed to skirt around the Ramadan throngs thanks to Corey’s inexplicable navigation capabilities and ascended to the Sultan terrace to find Nat reading. We sauntered until there were too many people to saunter and then we shuffled around the Ramadan stalls. Had coffee and tea and gozleme, talking and people-watching all the while. Then it was back home.

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