14 September 2007

Hopped up on Lentil Soup

my eyes are buggy after spending some time catching up on email and trying to get us home without ransoming a few of our digits, but a few notes:

it's the 2nd day of Ramadan, and though we have eaten breakfast later than the 4:30amish that most of the people around us eat at, we've been not eating or drinking during the day. needless to say, we were rather excited to sit down to a place that had vaguely vegetarian lentil soup (mercimen corba) and tea. i'm fantasizing about ice cream later on. i think Corey has visions of Efes pilsner dancing through his head.

nothing makes me angrier at our President than when we divulge our nationality with the effect of a sad nod of the head and pursed lips with those whom we have enjoyed some good conversation. strangely, three people (Iranians to boot) have stated their affection for Bush and the army. i don't know how to process this.

if there is one lesson i've learned from my visit with Turkey, it's hospitality. i must strive to become the kind of host everyone in this country seems to be effortlessly.

excuse me now, but dondurma (ice cream) is calling.


ulis said...

Hi Dear One; In looking at your letter, I had seen a little 'squiggley', so today, I reviewed it. I felt like an eavesdropper, but I forged resolutely forward. Stephanie, you truly amaze me, and I love the feeling. You never let on that you do so much, tho' I had my own ideas. I really like the angelic face of that little girl pix, which I presume is you. Keep rollin' fast love, but please use all your senses, and take care. Maybe I will moxie up, and make a 'blog' too. your....ulis

ulis said...

I hope this went in okay. Maybe you will let me know....